Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sugar Figurine Class

Master Pastry Arts Series with Susan Notter at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts

Sugar Figurines - 2 day class

This class was designed to teach the art of pulled and blown sugar and then apply the techniques to create intricate figurines.
We started with a female figure, first blowing the skirt then applying pulled ribbons to look like curved layers of fabric.  The body was molded in white sugar, allowed to cool and then passed through a thin layer of pink sugar. This techniques coats the piece with a very thin transluscent layer of color and also work well on hummingbirds, blow them with yellow sugar and then pass them through blue, it results in a thin shimmering layer of green. I think molding the arms and cutting the hands is really challenging; it's very difficult to create the muscles without indenting the sugar in all the wrong places and remember the elbow is always angled! I see so may round elbows - just not possible.

On day 2 we created the pierrot sitting in the moon. I cast the moon inbetween 2 cake rings which had been oiled so they would realease once the sugar cooled. The legs are blown first and then positioned so they cross and sit on the moon.  The body is a cone shape which is opened up before cooling and pulled apart to form a bell like shape, this is also useful as the body of an Angel!

I had a great time teaching the class and I think despite a couple of blisters and a little frustration my students did also

Not one of my students!